Wednesday, April 3, 2013

10 Health Tips To Take From The French

While the rest of the world, especially America is dying of obesity, the French people are just as petite as ever. They must have got their diet really right. It is an universally accepted fact that French men and women are slim throughout their life. This is partly owing to the healthy French food and lifestyle. 

That is why it is worth your salt to take health tips from the French. The French can give us a lot of health tips on reducing stress. According to the French culture, leisure is a basic right, not a bonus. They enjoy more holidays and less work hours than any Americans. Moreover, every meal is a social event in France. One of the best health tips that the French can give is to eat slowly and enjoy each bite. 

Moreover, French food is really healthy. People there buy their bread and groceries from local bakeries and farm vendors. French food is healthy because it often has no preservatives. The French follow the Mediterranean diet. It has been found out that the Mediterranean diet is the most heart healthy diet in the world. 

Here are some of the best health tips that we can take from the French. Eat and live like the French to have long healthy life.

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